Aonach Athletes

Jukka Ikkala

When the bug hit in 2018, I went from somebody who believed running was boring and pointless to an ultra-marathon enthusiast in just five months. Today, I am still pushing my limits and experimenting with many different types of long-distance races.

This is the new me. It's relaxing to run with your thoughts, only feeling your legs and lungs. I'm not the fastest, but my mental game is strong. I’m not a quitter. It has been six years, and this journey remains unlike anything else.

As a Helsinki City Running Day Ambassador, I advocate that every runner is exceptional because it's all about the act of running itself. Whether you are a pro or a Sunday jogger, I want everybody to get out and run. There's no need to compare yourself to others; the only benchmark that truly counts is your progress, whether it's from last week or last year. Strive to surpass your previous self.

“If you run, you are a runner whatever your pace and distance is”

Get running!


Juho Kunnari

Competitiveness has been a part of me since my childhood. Whether trail racing against others or my previous achievements, I constantly seek to surpass my personal best.

My journey into competitive running began five years ago with the Vaarojen Marathon, an experience I needed to undertake to test my limits. Since then, I've taken on even more demanding races, including the Ultra Trail Tour of Finland (UTTF) series and the prestigious Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

Running long distances feels like second nature to me. The punishing allure of ultra-races lies in the constant drive to push yourself further and strive for improvement each time. Even though I can run far, there remains a gap between me and the top-tier racers. However, I am determined and working tirelessly to narrow that gap. 

It's worth noting that I've never had a running coach or followed a structured training program, yet I am confident that I can bridge this divide.

“Push the boundaries!”


Diana Wikblom

Running, spiced up with strength training, has become my passion and lifestyle. I compete in everything from 1,500m on track to marathons and ultra-trails. I love the contrasts, but my greatest ambition is long distance.

Even if I am working hard to hit time goals across different distances, it is so much more than competing. Whether running or training, pushing myself gives me strong emotions, both good and bad.

For me, it is about the connection to my inner self because that is what a rich life is meant to be. I am always trying to find new solutions to optimize development and performance.

For example, I am fascinated by how our bodies can change if you just give them the right elements—no matter your age. It’s mind power. I am a strong believer in vibrational energy and earthing. You can’t separate running performance, everything is connected. I want to continue studying this. It’s a lifetime journey.

“Focus on what you want.”

See you out there! 


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