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Juuso Simpanen

Juuso is a trail running coach at the Aonach Athlete Collective

Elevating your performance in mountain and trail ultra running requires a seasoned coach's guidance; in Finland, professional runner Juuso Simpanen stands out as one of the best. After a break from full-time coaching to focus on his career, he has returned to help others fulfill their potential with a philosophy centered around the importance of long-term thinking.

“While many are surprised by the incremental progress achievable in a single year, Juuso emphasizes that sustained consistency over five or ten years can lead to significant improvements. The key lies in understanding that crushing today's training is not the goal; rather, it's about committing to a series of 20, 30, or 40 challenging workouts over time that yield lasting benefits.”

His one-to-one coaching, primarily conducted online, involves personalized three- to four-week training schedules tailored to each individual. “The training and plans are specific to the individual. We comprehensively analyze the client's goals, how much they have trained or run in the past few months, how much time they have to train, and what other obligations are in their life.”

While Juuso doesn’t have a strict line regarding fitness levels when deciding to take on a new client, he acknowledges that a foundation in running experience is advantageous. “I do have some beginners, but most people want to focus on ultra training and trails, which is where my expertise lies.”

Reflecting on his coaching journey since 2017, Juuso highlights the evolution of resources available for ultra running. Today, it has significantly evolved. “One notable change is our understanding of nutrition. It was once believed you could only digest 50-60 grams of carbs per hour, but research has shown it to be far higher.”

Incorporating the latest knowledge into his coaching methods, Juuso emphasizes the importance of varied training approaches. This includes incorporating hill training, cross-training, and strength workouts during winter, gradually transitioning to more event-specific training as the goal approaches.

To stay abreast of the ever-evolving field of sports science, Juuso remains dedicated to continuous learning. He actively engages with the latest books, podcasts, and discussions with physiology and training techniques experts. “I also follow respected runners, such as Kilian Jornet, and coach Jason Koop, who has trained many of the world's best ultra-runners, to inform my coaching methodology further.”

Juuso's coaching endeavors have not only positively impacted his clients but have also benefited his running career. “It safeguards against repetitive training routines and helps me promptly address injuries. I’m now developing ready-made training plans for my website, covering aspects such as running technique and nutrition.”

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Janne Kallinen

Janne is a sports nutrition coach at the Aonach Athlete Collective

Janne is pursuing a master's degree in sports science at Jyväskylä University and is an exchange student at the Technical University of Munich and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He has a deep passion for sports nutrition, human performance, and sports technology, constantly seeking and experimenting with the latest information and innovations. On weekends, Janne is an avid outdoor enthusiast, engaging in activities such as trail running, ski touring, mountaineering, gravel biking, and hiking across various landscapes.

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