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Maurten Starter Kit for Running - Selection of 16 servings

Maurten Starter Kit for Running - Selection of 16 servings

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This is the Maurten Starter Kit for Running. The perfect introduction to the Maurten ecosystem. Each kit includes:

2 x Drink Mix 320
2 x Drink Mix 320 Caf 100
2 x Drink Mix 160
2 x Gel 160
2 x Gel 100
2 x Gel 100 Caf 100
2 x Solid 225
2 x Solid 225 C
1 x 500ml Water Bottle
1 x Maurten Running Fueling Guide

Start as you mean to continue
The Starter Starter is a curated selection of products designed to fuel few running training sessions. A complete fueling solution for before, during, and after an endurance session — your perfect introduction to a new way of fueling and the Maurten ecosystem.

All Maurten Training Kits are delivered with a minimum shelf life of at least one month. But if you don't use them before — they are often still good after.

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