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Koli Mountainyard by🖤 // Saturday August 17th at 14:00

Koli Mountainyard by🖤 // Saturday August 17th at 14:00

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Koli Mountainyard at 12:00 on Saturday August 17th 2024, Koli Ski Rantatie 29, Koli

Who can endure 30 mountainyard ultra loops in Koli? Experience the reinvented backyard ultra concept with a unique Koli twist!
  • Distance / Ascent: 5.55K / 333M per loop (1 hour per loop)
  • To become a mountain yard finisher in Koli, you must complete 30 loops, totaling 100 miles and an elevation gain of 10,000 meters. This grueling challenge offers an experience comparable to the UTMB in Koli
  • Route: One challenge of the event is that the route has not been published
  • Via Ferrata Difficulty Level: No ropes — includes extremely deep descent..
  • Only 50 tickets available
  • Fee: 50 euros — you're receiving 25 euro gift card for online store
  • Sign Up Link: Register through this page
  • Facebook Event Link:
  • Gear restriction: No poles. What? Yes no poles policy.
  • Participant list: Another challenge in securing victory is the lack of a published participant list

All the event requires strong mountain legs, and moderate VO2Max levels. No questions this is the most challenging short trail running event in Finland ever organised — anyway you don't need to be a wonder woman or superman to make it safely and enjoyably to the finish line. If you're unsure your fitness level, please message us on Instagram and we'll take it from there. Safety is our number one priority.🦺

Event information on Facebook and Strava 🔗

If you any questions please message us on Instagram.🙏

All are welcome here!🖤🌈

See you in Koli🏃‍♀️🌋🏃
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