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Näak Energy Bar - Banana & Chocolate

Näak Energy Bar - Banana & Chocolate

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Fuel your ultra with the delicious Banana & Chocolate bar. Made with 7g of cricket protein, one of the most sustainable protein sources on the planet. The Banana Chocolate bar provides the nutrition you need to keep going for a long period of time, during your favorite activity or as a protein-packed snack.

With 7g of sustainable, high-quality protein, non-GMO ingredients and delicious taste, Ultra Energy™ bars are the perfect on-the-go snack to fuel your adventure, a long workout or a race.

- 180 calories: long-lasting energy with no sugar crash
- 20g carbohydrates: simple and complex natural carbohydrates
- 450mg electrolytes: replenish minerals lost in sweat
- 7g protein: essential amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue
- 720mg BCAAs: prevent muscle breakdown during exercise

Bar made from date paste (22%), cricket protein (2.4%) with banana (4%) and chocolate (9.8%).

Ingredients : Date paste, Brown rice syrup, Sunflower seed butter (sunflower seeds, sunflower seed oil), Chicory root fibre, Pea protein isolate, Chocolate chips (organic cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), Unsweetened chocolate, Organic rice chips (organic rice flour, evaporated cane sugar juice, salt), Dried banana flakes, Cocoa powder, Cricket protein, Sprouted brown rice protein, Soy protein isolate, Thickener (gum acacia), Cocoa butter, Natural flavour, Oat flakes, Organic chia seeds, Sea salt, Preservatives (mixed tocopherols).

May contains : Traces of nuts, milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten, celery, sesame seeds, lupin, fish and sulphites based product. People allergic to shellfish may also be allergic to crickets.
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