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Näak Energy Waffle - Maple Syrup

Näak Energy Waffle - Maple Syrup

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Näak Ultra Energy™ Waffles are the perfect natural snack for your next trail run, bike ride or outdoor activity. Fuel your long training days or enjoy with your morning coffee.

Näak Ultra Energy™ Waffles have the ideal carbs to protein ratio to keep you going and avoid sugar crash. Take one to fuel your next race, training day or to explore new playgrounds.

- 140 calories: quick energy boost from high-quality ingredients
- 16g carbohydrates: simple and complex natural carbohydrates
- 210mg electrolytes: replenish minerals lost in sweat
- 4g protein: all essential amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue

brown rice syrup* (23%), coconut oil (23%), wheat flour*, cane sugar* (16%), pea protein (9%), soy flour*, cocoa powder (3%), sea salt, rice extract*, soy lecithin, sodium bicarbonate. May contain: Nuts, eggs, milk. *Organic.
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