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Nosht High Energy Sports Drink - Sea Buckthorn - 15 Servings

Nosht High Energy Sports Drink - Sea Buckthorn - 15 Servings

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Nosht High Energy Sports Drink is tailored for endurance athletes. It provides all the energy, electrolytes and hydration you need during a race or a long day of training - all in a naturally tasty drink without upsetting your stomach.

One scoop of Nosht High Energy Sports Drink contains 50 grams of carbs. Mix the powder with the amount of water you want and go! 

The drink comes in two delicious flavours, both made with real Finnish berries, without artificial preservatives or sweeteners: Blueberry & Lingonberry and Sea buckthorn. 


  • Sports drink powder that provides efficient hydration and all the carbohydrates and electrolytes you need during a long workout or a race.

  • Easy on the stomach. Gluten-free, vegan.

  • Two awesome flavours, made with real Finnish berries:
    - Blueberry & Lingonberry with a dash of peppermint to keep you feeling refreshed all day long
    - Sea buckthorn & Orange

  • Includes natural magnesium that contributes to electrolyte balance and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

  • 810 g, 15 portions.

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland.


  • Add one scoop to 250-1000ml of water.

  • One portion includes 50 grams of carbs, 1.5 grams of salt and 203 kcal.

  • Enjoy before, during or after exercise.

  • Adjust the amount of water according to your calorie intake and hydration needs:

    • If it’s hot and you want to drink more fluids, add more water.

    • If you take in energy from other sources, like chews or gels, you can make the drink milder and use it as a regular sports drink.

    • If you want to take in more energy, you can reduce the amount of water.


Blueberry & Lingonberry: Cane sugar, glucose, lingonberry and blueberry juice powder 5 % (lingonberry, blueberry, maltodextrin), acidity regulator (malic acid), rock salt, coconut water powder, sea magnesium, peppermint extract

Sea buckthorn & Orange: Cane sugar, glucose, sea buckthorn-orange juice powder 6.5% (sea buckthorn, orange, maltodextrin, modified tapioca starch), acidity regulator (malic acid), coconut water powder, sea magnesium


Per 100g Per serving (54 g)
Energy (kJ/kcal) 1578 / 376 852/203
Fats 0g 0g


92g 50g

Of which sugars

88g 48g


0g 0g


2.78g 1.5g
Magnesium 111mg (30%)*
60mg (16%)*

*Of daily recommended intake

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