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Paingone Easy

Paingone Easy

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Paingone Easy is ideal for treating excruciating, recurrent pain, particularly in larger areas of the body.

This wireless Tens device is particularly suitable for use on the shoulders, arms, legs and back

Paingone Easy can be worn under clothing, making it good for discreet use throughout the day.

The easy-to-use, portable Paingone Easy is the latest addition to the expertly engineered Paingone family!

This compact and lightweight adhesive pad can be placed anywhere the pain occurs. Its efficient TENS therapy quickly relieves pain and gives you relief.

Best of all, Paingone Easy can be worn unobtrusively under clothing. Whenever pain sets in, Paingone Easy is there and can be turned on with the push of a button – without complicated settings, cables or gels and with an automatic treatment time of just 15 minutes.

Despite its slim and compact format, the Paingone Easy is a real powerhouse with adjustable intensity levels that enable you to relieve even severe, stubborn pain and discomfort.

The flexible wing shape conforms to the shape of the body, helping to keep the device securely in place and deliver therapy directly to the source of pain. The device also covers larger areas of the body and is particularly suitable for use on the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

Whether at home or at work, during activities or when relaxing - Paingone Easy is there for you.

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