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VO2 Master

VO2 Master User Piece

VO2 Master User Piece

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Reusable flow passage used in VO2 Master assessments. Comes in 3 ventilation ranges.

Full Description

A reusable user piece that serves as a filter lock and spit guard that accepts the air you breath. Purchase additional user pieces for fast switching in back-to-back testing, or to perform different types of VO2 assessments.


Used for Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) assessments and for light walking. Ventilation Range 5-40 L/min

Used for exercise testing for users with a common sized thoracic cavity. Ventilation Range 30-160 L/min

Used for exercise testing of professional high-intensity athletes or users with large thoracic cavities. Ventilation Range 40-220 L/min

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